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Adding quality: monitoring strategies for more credible offsets

As the voluntary carbon markets prepare for much-needed scaling, maintaining high quality and integrity of credits is just as important as the quantity. In the first part of this series, we focused on the quantity. The article explains how monitoring developments are required to meet the needs projected for the future - up to fifteenfold increase needed by 2030.

In this part, we look at how monitoring tools can be used to develop quality carbon credits in scale, while also considering important ecological factors. For stronger and more resilient forests, we need to optimize for both carbon and biology.

What makes a good-quality carbon project?


Embracing existing monitoring technologies for a smarter supply of nature-based offsets

Climate change is a massive problem and challenge. The current approach to tracking and validating carbon offset initiatives is outdated. For countries to meet mandatory state-sponsored goals, and for companies to offset their carbon footprint voluntarily, the global carbon markets need to quickly scale and adapt.

The scattered small-scale markets of today will not be enough for tomorrow — experts predict the current volumes will need to increase by a factor of 15 by 2030.

Our recent Whitepaper “Prerequisites for Scalable Carbon Trading” advocates the increased use of AI and satellite-based technology to support the required scaling of carbon initiatives…

AI and Satellite-Based Verification of Carbon Offsetting Projects

This article was also published as a whitepaper by CollectiveCrunch.


This whitepaper gives an overview of current practices in carbon verification, certification and trading. The focus is on carbon storage via trees and forests.

The paper argues that current practices do not meet the needs of corporate voluntary investors in carbon storage and are not adequate for the scaling in carbon trading required. It will argue that CollectiveCrunch’s Linda Forest technology can make carbon trading simpler, more up-to-date and scalable, giving corporate carbon investors the tool they need.

1. Introduction

Carbon trading is an…


CollectiveCrunch is an AI leader in forestry. We help our customers make precise data-driven decisions powered by the latest technology.

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